Registering For The EMS Site

What is this Site?

This web site is a secure and encrypted system managed by The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System. It is restricted to Arizona Emergency Medical Care Technicians (“EMCT”), regulated Arizona EMS organizations, and Emergency Medical Care Technician applicants requesting Arizona certification.

Who manages this site?

The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System (Bureau), an arm of the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Who should register for this site?

Registration is required for EMCTs, coordinating members of emergency service provider organizations and coordinators of EMCT certification training organizations. Registration with this site is subject to verification by the Bureau staff before logon access will be enabled.
Internal access is not provided to the general public.

Do I need any documents ready before I begin the registration process?

Yes, if you wish your identification card to display your photograph, or you are a coordinator for an Arizona regulated emergency service provider organization or training program, you will need to have the photograph or organizational logo saved on your computer. You will be prompted when to attach the photograph or logo during the registration process.

Account Password (Important!)

Before you move forward to register and create your account, you should take the time to develop and write down on a piece of paper a unique password as you will need to enter that password twice when you proceed to the next screen. Your user password must be a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters (at least one of each), and between 8 and 20 characters in length.